Ditch the ‘Job’. Start The Journey.

Scott Says Yes

A job that doesn’t suck the life right out of you and meets you where you are isn’t enough. You need a community that values you enough to help you get to the places you want to go.
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You work with honor. We honor your work.

You’re not a commodity. You’re a unique person and the value you bring to any company should be rewarded in a way that helps you both make a better living and live a better life.
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YOU are valued.

The only thing you need to be at Scott Says Yes is yourself. No matter who you are, there is a position at Scott Says Yes that fits your unique set of skills. On occassion we’ll even create a new position to make the most of someone’s skills.
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Hope & opportunity are the ‘bottom line’.

Not having reliable transportation robs people of freedom, opportunity, and most importantly: hope for a better future. It’s not just a privilage to have reliable transportation, it’s absolutely neccessary to participate in our society.

Being a Dealer For The People is to reject salesmanship and do what we can to make life better. We do that by helping those in need solve the problems that are keeping them from the freedom and security of a Nicer, Newer Car. We also do that by providing hope and opportunity to our people.

Some of our journeys

Our people stay with us long term because they build the lives they want and deserve.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

We’ve become an award-winning workplace because we are an award-giving workplace. Our success doesn’t ‘trickle down’, it’s shared and throughout the year we take time to recognize and reward your success.

It shouldn’t feel like a balancing act.

Life doesn’t stop happening when you’re at work. Happy, fullfilled people tend to be highly successful and having the time to focus on what matters most to you is an essential part of your well-being.

No matter how much of a time commitment your role requires, our community steps up and steps in to make sure you have both the time and resources you need to build a balanced, fulfilling life. We are a Dealer For The People and we work to improve the lives of all people who come through our doors, especially OUR people.
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